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Couples/Relationship Counselling

At times couples struggle to understand each other or feel that they are missing a closeness in the relationship. Positive and negative relationships can tend to change over periods of time.

About Couples Therapy

Any relationship is a personal investment, when it is good, it can give you a sense of confidence, you feel loved and deeply committed.  However, when things go wrong, it can make you feel drained, sad, confused and ultimately erode your sense of confidence.  You may be repeatedly asking yourself how have we got to this place?  Where do we go from here?

Family and friends can be too close to a particular situation to give an unbiased perspective a couple or relationship may need.

Our couples and relationship counselling service offer a non-judgemental and unbiased helping hand to those that have found themselves in a difficult place.  We can help you identify the conflicts, how you are both feeling, what decisions need to be made in order to move forward together in the relationship and most importantly how you are both thinking.

If your partner, husband or wife has had an affair, a major life change occurrence, feelings of being taken for granted and struggling with life, our service can help you to implement positive changes to bring balance and peace to any relationship.

What  Happens Next?

We meet with you to conduct an assessment to ascertain what brought you to counselling, what your expectations are and how we can best help you.  This will involve asking you a series of questions to determine how long the problems have been present, your history as a couple, what outcome are you both respectively looking for and ultimately pinpoint the triggers why the relationship is not working.

During your sessions we will help you:

  • Recognise behavioural patterns
  • Negotiate and compromise with each other
  • Encourage open and honest communication
  • Encourage positive actions
  • Share each other’s feelings in an open and non-judgemental setting
  • Find new ways forward together with managing expectations of each other

Angie is a fully qualified couples counsellor to help both of you work together to develop communicating skills and guide you both to the best possible outcomes.  Counselling can at times result in separation, however, it also can result in extremely positive changes to enhance and strengthen relationships.  We give you the tools to use that can be used every day to better every relationship.

Reasons for Couples / Relationship Therapy

Relationship building



Commitment Issues

Power imbalances

Poor Communication

Parenting styles

Domestic abuse

Sexual problems

Arguments and conflict

Self-esteem and confidence building

Behavioural issues

Substance Abuse


Panic attacks

General worry

Social anxiety


Difficulty sleeping


Generalised anxiety


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If you are struggling and looking for confidential counselling services in Essex, we offer private therapy to individuals, families, couples, young adults and children face to face, over the phone or online via zoom.


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