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Bereavement Counselling

The loss of a loved one involves a complex range of emotions.

The heartache and emotions we experience following the death or loss of a loved one can leave us unprepared for the turbulent flow of grief, shock, numbness and overwhelming sadness that follow. The agony of losing someone we deeply care about can manifest in many ways including denial, pain, anger, longing, guilt, overwhelming sadness and at times depression.  We can be left feeling physically and emotionally broken, exhausted and trying to adapt to a very surreal new way of life without that person being around.

Anyone can benefit from bereavement counselling as the death of someone you deeply care about is not the only bereavement that people go through. When people have highly emotional attachments to something given to them by a deceased parent or family member, the loss can be too much to bear if it goes missing or is taken. Grief and bereavement can be triggered by many things, losing a loved one, your job or the end of a relationship.

There are many stages of bereavement


Shock and disbelief are normally the first reactions, then denial may follow.  As you struggle to accept a loved one has departed, you may find yourself continuing to set a breakfast or dinner place or calling out their name when you get home.  You may go to make a daily phone call to them and realise that they have departed.  You may suffer feelings of anger, looking to find someone or something to blame for your loss, feelings of abandonment or guilt that you possibly could have done something to prevent the loss from occurring.

Becoming easily agitated, frequent bouts of crying or having emotional outbursts that you cannot control are quite common following a bereavement.  You may have periods of depression, loss of sleep or wanting to sleep all the time.  Your appetite may change and you may want to socially withdraw from everyone and everything.  Loss of motivation can occur for a time where everything appears to be too difficult to deal with or focus on and you feel that you have lost your life’s purpose.

At whatever stage you are currently on, there will finally come a time of acceptance.  Unhappy thoughts and feelings towards your loss become less painful and less intense and over time, your motivation and energy will slowly return.  For some, it may take a little longer than others as every individual reacts differently to bereavement and the stages can at times become muddled for some.

We can help to navigate and assist you with developing coping strategies to help you adjust to your new way of life.

Reasons for Bereavement Counselling


Managing Anger




Relationship building

Power imbalances

Poor communication

Arguments and conflict

Self-esteem and confidence building

Behavioural issues


Panic attacks

General worry

Social anxiety


Difficulty sleeping

Generalised anxiety

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