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Addiction Therapy

Addictions come in many forms and many people only associate addictions with those that physically cause an effect on the body such as smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Yet there are many things that you can engage in that ultimately make you feel happy but can become incredibly addictive quite quickly.

Forms of Addiction:













All addictions can take a toll on the physical body and mind which can lead to breakdowns in relationships, insomnia, depression, financial problems, panic attacks and poor concentration and performance in work/life.   Day to day functions, behaviours and health can be affected, particularly if it takes up a lot of your time and money.

Addictions are a vicious circle of repeated behaviour, your focus may be on that specific addiction all the time which doesn’t leave much time for focus on anything else.  Addictions all have an underlying cause and trigger.  We can help you examine those underlying causes and triggers attached to your addiction, we can help you find a solution to suit your addiction and ultimately emotionally support you throughout the recovery process.

Addiction counselling can help you with:


Insights into triggers and behaviours related to your addiction

Identifying and providing a workable solution to your addiction

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms

Dealing with feelings of hopelessness

Switching your focus

Helping you to maintain positive relationships throughout your recovery

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